Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society (HJGS) consists of a wide variety of jazz guitar enthusiasts. They follow, support, learn about and, perhaps more importantly, have the opportunity to actually play the music that they love. Playing ability varies, from the novice to full professional, and performance opportunities range from solo to duos, and larger groups. HJGS also stages occasional workshops by its professional members, and visiting artists such as Howard Alden (USA), Nigel Price, John Etheridge, Nick Meier, Darren Dutson Bromley and Adrian Ingram.Regular projects, such as specific composers’ nights, solo guitar nights, accompaniment, improvisation etc. are features of many meetings, (HJGS has booked saxophone and bass players especially for these projects) and the society also funds frequent concerts by top players.

HJGS meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the Rat & Ratchet in Huddersfield.

Featured Gigs

  • Fourth Annual Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Festival

    This year the HJGS festival will be held on the 15th-17th June 2018

    This is the fourth annual jazz guitar festival held by the Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society. We have rebranded the festival to The Four on Six Festival. This of course refers to four fingers on six strings, a prerequisite of guitar playing but it is also the name of a rather famous piece by the incredible guitarist Wes Montgomery. (more…)