Current membership costs of £20 per year (full membership) or £3 per visit.

In order to simplify the collection and administration of membership fees the committee have decided to make the following changes.

  • Membership will run from January to December. Starting January 2017.
  • Members joining at any time during the current membership year will pay a pro-rata fee (see below
  • Renewals for the remainder of 2016 will also pay a pro-rata fee (see below
  • The pro-rata fees are:
  • Joining/Renewal Month Fee
    January £20.00
    February £18.50
    March £16.50
    April £15.00
    May £13.50
    June £11.50
    July £10.00
    August £8.50
    September £6.50

The mathematicians, will no doubt, have realised that £20 equates to £1.67 per month.  As this would result in people having to carry inordinate amounts of small change with them, I have rounded the figures to the nearest 50p.  This should reduce the wear and tear on the trouser/jean/skirt pocket and go some way to reduce the possibility of lower back pain caused by the extra coinage weight. Some people may feel aggrieved at having to pay 17p more, whilst other will think themselves very fortunate in saving 17p.  That’s life.

Some memberships are now falling due for renewal, remember membership lasts for a full 12 months from the paid up month and the following benefits are only available to current paid up members.

Member Benefits

The following deals have been negotiated for members on production of a current membership card: –

Bulldog Pickups (Huddersfield) –

15% off all pickups and repairs/rewinds.

ElectroMusic (Doncaster) –

Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.

The Music Room (Cleckheaton) –

Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.

Matt Ryan –

10% off guitar repairs/setups –

Customised Equipment Covers On Demand

Frailers –

Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.

Foulds Guitars (Derby) –

Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.

The Amp Shack – Contact Andrew Lazdins
Phone: +44 (0) 7716 460 163

Valve/Solid-State amp and Effect pedal repairs.  Discount available.

MicroVox –
Phone: +44 (0) 1924 361550

Acoustic instrument mics. 10% discount

Mac Amplification –
Phone: 07716 860676

Amplifier + Pedal repairs 

Mundo Music Gear

An ergonometric revolution for guitarists

Ivor Mairants Musicentre –

Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.

We are actively pursuing other supplier/retailers and will let you know as soon as we confirm them.  Remember also that we welcome your suggestions re the future direction of HJGS.  Please get in touch.


Martin Chung

Publicity, joint treasurer, website/facebook and development

Darren Dutson Bromley

Newsletter, education, website/facebook and development

Jeremy Platt

Newsletter, education, website/facebook and development

Adrian Ingram

Education, international liaison and development

Ian Wroe

Host, joint treasurer, artiste relations, events and development


The first Tuesday of the month at: –

The Rat & Ratchet, Huddersfield, 40 Chapel Hill, Huddersfield Road, HD1 3EB

Remember the society needs YOUR views and input so, if you want to provide a short introduction/discourse for a tune yourself or make any suggestions for a tune, please speak to a committee member.  We have already had some other interesting ideas put forward which we are looking into. YOUR ideas are both vital and welcome.  It is YOUR society and the committee is there entirely on YOUR behalf.  Please, please get involved if you can!

2016 meetings – Details may change

Dec 6th – AGM / Players night


Please note that in order to ensure an effective combination of complete workshop and some time for playing, these sessions will commence at 8:30 on the dot.