Simple to follow weekly podcasts on Jazz, Blues and Contemporary guitar styles.
Presented by Darren Dutson Bromley

Ever wanted to know more about a particular guitar playing method, playing technique or style?

Follow our FREE weekly video podcast lessons to learn about some of the key Jazz, Blues and Contemporary guitar playing techniques and how best to use them.

These video podcasts are suited to guitar players from intermediate levels and upwards and are sure to complement any guitar tuition you currently receive.

Currently running the FREE 52 weeks to better Jazz Guitar – a new lesson every week!

Mikes Master Classes

Members of the HJGS might be interested in my Mike’s Master Classes site –

I am also on Facebook and I have a Youtube channel “mgellar” that has clips from all of the classes on there that are available for download.

A message from Jamie Taylor

I have a number of teaching products on sale at which might be of some interest to the members.  Anyone who subscribes to Mike’s site receives my Rhythm Changes class for free (about 90 mins’ worth, plus PDF booklet) with no obligation to buy anything, and I’m always very happy to answer any queries that arise for people off the back of any of these products.