Our newsletters are published monthly, usually following our meetings and contain lots of useful information for those who attended and those who could not. Please feel free to look through them.

May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter The evening began with the parish notices, what’s on at the festival and various up and coming gigs, Pat Metheny in Hull,  Remi Harris in Otley and Saltaire and Mike Walker at the Keys. The playing began with Tom Prior who began with ‘Tom’s Medley,’ Blusette followed by the Sheik of Araby. This began gently with  some nice chord melody playing before launching into a more exuberant Sheik of Araby complete with some harmonic minor runs to complete the middle eastern feel before a reprise into Blusette to bring the piece to a conclusion. He was then joined... Read more →

April 2017 Newsletter

April 2017 Newsletter The evening began as always with Ian’s parish notices, the Oxley – Meier duo are performing at The Corner in Huddersfield on Tuesday 28th March and on Sunday 2nd April Terri Shaltiel is joining forces with guitarist Edmond Selwyn at the Rat and Ratchet at 5pm, more of this is in this edition of the newsletter. It was a quiet start after the busy evening last month. Surprisingly no bass players initially, they are like buses, they are none or 5 come at once. Chris and Dave began the evening with a bluesy version of Sugar by... Read more →

March 2017 Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter After a brief introduction by Ian on forthcoming events the evening got off to a bluesy start with Tom Prior, the usual opening act at HJGS meetings who began with a Glory of Love by Big Bill Broonzy. After a brief discussion of its origins, Google discovered the piece was written by  Billy Hill. Tom of course adapted it into his own unique style and the piece fitted the evening well. Phil joined Tom on the double bass for a duo version of Lady Be Good, not quite the version I remember but exciting  none the less... Read more →

February 2017 Newsletter

January 2016 Roundup This was a well attended meeting, particularly for the first one of the new year and it was nice to get back to playing after the excesses of the Christmas period. The evening began with Adrian and Darren who played Oh, Lady Be Good by George Gershwin. The melody to this was played by Darren, Adrian superimposed the melody to Hackensack by Thelonious Monk which is based on the same chord sequence. The duo followed this with the Parker classic Yardbird Suite. Ben, Dave and Chris followed with Once I Loved by Tom Jobim. This was  accomplished... Read more →